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Toenails can be used as diagnostic tools to tell about your health. If you notice problems with your toenails, whether it be fungus, irregular shaping or even ingrown toenails, come see us for the best treatment.

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Ingrown toenails can occur for many reasons including: improperly trimmed nails, heredity, shoe pressure, and repeated trauma to the toenail area. If you suspect an infection, come in right away.

Ingrown toenails

People with diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and other circulatory disorders may notice more problems with their toes. This is a serious reason to come to our office and be checked out.

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Some nail problems may just require a topical or oral medication. Other times, surgery might be needed if the problem is severe enough. Ingrown toenails are the most common problem that people face.

Treatment may be a simple remedy

Cutting nail

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Our services include:

•  Lifted/loose nails

•  Nail infections

•  Nail discoloration

•  Nail deformity

•  Diabetic nail care

•  Partial/toenail removal

•  Permanent/non-permanent nail removal